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Placement and Return Rates

The BYU–Hawaii graduate career outcomes, placement, and return rates are generated through a joint effort by Career Services and Institutional Research. These rates are based on results from the First Destination Survey (FDS) administered at the time of graduation and follow-up outreach efforts. Definitions and categories are based on those maintained by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE.)

DescriptionAvailable Format
2022 - 2023PDF
2021 - 2022PDF
2019 - 2020PDF
2018 - 2019PDF
2017 - 2018PDF
2016 - 2017PDF
June-August 2011PDF
April 2011PDF
December 2010PDF
December 2009PDF
September 2009PDF
July 2009PDF
June 2009PDF
April 2009PDF
December 2008PDF
August 2008PDF
June 2008PDF
April 2008PDF
December 2007PDF
August 2007PDF
June 2007PDF
April 2007PDF
December 2006PDF
August 2006PDF
June 2006PDF
April 2006PDF
December 2005PDF
August 2005PDF
June 2005PDF
April 2005PDF
December 2004PDF
June 2004PDF