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How do I find the email address or phone number for a student, staff, or faculty?

In Outlook: click on “To” in the address line and then search in the "Global Address List" (will work for all term-activated students, staff, and faculty).

In mybyuh: click on the student name in your class roll.

On an IP Phone: click the top right icon for the directory and chose corporate directory.

In Stellic: type in the student name into the “Search” field.

Who are the deans and program administrative assistants and how do I reach them?

How can I customize my IP phone?

CFS and Rank Advancement

Current CFS and Rank Advancement Policy - Fall 2016 (this policy will apply for all who are applying for rank advancement)

Rank and Status Electronic Portfolio Template

For sample portfolios, contact colleagues in your department or across campus.

Third-year/Sixth-year Review Timetable

Policy for those hired before 2016 who opt to stay on the pre-2016 model (to apply for CFS before rank advancement)

Changes in process from the pre-2016 document that are now in effect:

  • There will be a department review committee as a step in the process in addition to the letters by the chair and the dean.
  • External and internal letters for the file will be solicited by the department chair (with suggestions from the candidate) rather than directly by the candidate.
  • The steps of notification to the candidate during the review in the new policy will apply.
  • Even if CFS is granted later than the usual time, the three-year wait after CFS is not binding and a faculty member may still apply for rank advancement after six years from the time of hire.
  • The appeals process of the new policy is available to all on the old policy.

Policy Support

What is the University's Strategic Plan? (AVP's office; 2016)

How can I find the faculty handbook? (AVP’s office)

Where can I find university policies and procedures?

What is the Faculty Advisory Council? What is the scope of their responsibilities and authority?

What is the schedule for Thursdays at 11:00?

What is the history of the development of the new academic calendar?

Faculty Grievance Procedures

Living Laboratory Document

Tech Support

How can I access my student evaluations? (Assessment & Evaluation, Amelia Mauafu)

How do I get support for developing online classes? (Center for Learning & Teaching; be sure to work through dean to have a project prioritized)

Who do I talk to for Canvas support? (Center for Learning & Teaching,

How do I report a problem or get help with IT? (Office of Information Technology, Call Center and Help desk (808) 675-3921)

Who is my IT customer service representative (CSR)? (OIT)

How do I request equipment or software, etc. more than $300? (institutional discounts) (OIT)

Travel Support

How do I get a corporate travel card for university travel? (Travel Services)

How do I fill out a Travel Application? (Travel)

Benefits Support

Where do I find the DMBA information online? Where is the office here in Laie? (Laie Shopping Center next to L&L restaurant)

How do I get the tuition benefit for myself or family members at BYU–Hawaii? (HR)

How do I get the tuition benefit for myself or family members at other CES schools? (HR)


Faculty Handbook

Academic Accommodation