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Sabbatical Leave Proposal Instructions

Sabbatical leave requests are generally submitted a year before the leave commences. However, under unusual circumstances when research opportunity arises, a leave request may be submitted within a year of before the leave begins.

The application must include the following information: (single-spaced)

  • Date of application.
  • Faculty name.
  • Faculty unit.
  • Project title.
  • Semester(s) affected.

In addition, please answer the following in your proposal:

  1. Please describe in one to two pages:
    1. the purpose of your project;
    2. methodology of your research;
    3. details (abstract or project outline) on your intended outcomes of the leave;
    4. prospective venue(s) of display or publication;
    5. working bibliography when applicable;
    6. dean's support letter.
  2. How does your project work in concert with your faculty development plan?
  3. How will your project benefit students, your program/faculty unit, and yourself?
  4. Have you had professional development course releases in the last five years, including those with the CLT or through Professorship? If so, detail when and what they were used for.
  5. How will your request impact the ability of your program to cover its courses?
  6. Please note that research and travel are funded by the applicant’s faculty unit. So, please include your budget to be approved by your dean.

**Submit this proposal with pertinent project details and information to your dean, and if your dean approves, the proposal must be accompanied by the dean’s approval letter when reaching the AAVP-Faculty office.