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Learning and Teaching

Center for Learning and Teaching
Starting Classes
Registration, Canvas, and Grades
Test, Final Exams, and Evaluation
Academic Accommodation

Struggling Student

After I have reached out to a student who is failing, not coming to class, or having personal struggles what other offices are available to help them? How do I let them know about the student's situation? (Early Alert?)
(Center for Academic Success and Counseling Services)

What are things I can do to best help students who are struggling?
(External Link - also consult the Center for Learning and Teaching)

I have a student who has plagiarized or cheated. What are the standards?
(Office of Honor)

How do I report plagiarism or cheating?
Log on to Student Center and click on the Instructor tab and then fill in the online Honor Code Violation Form

Enhancing Learning

What is the learning framework?
(Center for Learning & Teaching)

How can I get support to improve learning and teaching in my classroom?
(Center for Learning & Teaching)

If I want to go on a field trip with my class, where do I find the permission form, and when does it need to be turned in?
(The completed form must be submitted to the office of the Vice President for Academics at least two weeks before the trip.)

Textbooks, Dates, Times, and Modes of Instruction

Please give your textbook information to your department secretary when the class is being scheduled. Even if it is not ordered through the Bookstore there is a federal regulation that textbook information must be available to students when they register.

How do I find the academic calendar with dates and holidays for the syllabus?
(Office of the Registrar)

What times are classes offered?
(Office of the Registrar)

What is the schedule for Thursday at 11:00?
(Academic VP's office)

What is the difference between the different modes of instruction?
[In person, hybrid, on-campus online, online-only]

Why does this matter?
(AAVP for curriculum and assessment, Office of the Registrar)

Field Trip Form

Preparing the Syllabus

What needs to go on a syllabus?
(Word version for copying to your syllabus, August 17, 2022 update) (AAVP for curriculum and assessment)

Where can I find the rubric by which syllabi are evaluated?

What are my department’s program learning outcomes (PLOs) and what are the institutional learning outcomes (ILOs) that I will need to align my class outcomes (SLOs) with?
(You may need to click on "Select Another Unit Portfolio" at the top to find your department).

(Please note that student learning outcomes—SLOs—are specific to a class. They should align with department and university outcomes, but are not dictated by them).

Are there examples of how to align the SLOs, PLOs, and ILOs for the syllabus?

What kinds of information on my syllabus might be connected to assessment for the department and university? How can I write outcomes that are assessable?
(University Assessment Committee and AAVP for curriculum and assessment)

Managing Registration

How do I find my class roll?
(AAVP for curriculum and assessment, Office of the Registrar)

How do add/drop/withdraw work?
(AAVP for curriculum and assessment, Office of the Registrar)

Where are the forms for: independent study, incomplete grade, grade change?
(Office of the Registrar)

Using Canvas

Who do I talk to for Canvas support? (

How do I use Canvas?
Tutorial for key activities (Michelle Fuluvaka, EIS)

How do I link library e-resources into my Canvas modules?
(Joseph F. Smith Library)

How do I make sure that I'm following copyright laws with my Canvas material?
(Joseph F. Smith Library)

End of the Semester

How do I submit my grades?
(Office of the Registrar)

When are grades due?
Always at noon on the Thursday of the week after finals (Office of the Registrar).

Why is it important that I meet the grade deadline? What’s the big deal?

Tests in the Testing Center

Be aware that all tests in the Testing Center must be scheduled well ahead of time. They have limits on how many tests they can run at one time. It is best to give them your test dates at the beginning of the semester or even before to confirm that they can fit you in.

You can find contact information, hours, instruction forms, and answer sheet templates on the Testing Center website.

Tests must be brought in by noon 2 business days before the test opens.

Final Exams

Every semester has designated final exam days. Each class is scheduled for a certain time. Those hours are part of the hours of classroom instruction for the semester and are an important part of the academic experience. Please plan to use those hours, even if the test is administered in the Testing Center.

To request a test be administered in the Testing Center you will need to get permission from your dean before the Testing Center will schedule it. Again, they have limited capacity and so priority for this space should be given to those for whom there is a need for either the computers or the extended time that the Testing Center makes available.

The final exam schedule is on the Office of the Registrar website.


How can I access my student evaluations? (Assessment and Evaluation, Amelia Mauafu)