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GSS History

SurveyMonkey Version 3 (December 2007 to August 2013)

  • Ineffective questions were revised or deleted (see sample survey)
  • The GSS was reorganized made user-friendly for graduating students
  • Results were shared with all departments using online survey report links for each graduation cohort
  • Online links to survey results were added to BYU–Hawaii accreditation website
  • Questions and survey results usage continue to be evaluated and monitored

SurveyMonkey Version 2 (December 2006 to August 2007)

  • Student research team (mentored by Dr. Ronald M. Miller, Psychology Department) reviewed survey and results from 2003 to 2006
  • Questions were randomly assigned in the survey (scrambled)
  • Instrument was tested for statistical reliability and validity
  • A factor analysis was completed
  • Additional questions were added to assess intercultural understanding and leadership
  • A survey for campus departments was conducted to see how useful the Graduating Student Survey was to departments and how it could be improved (see survey results)
  • Report summaries were completed for several departments undergoing program review

SurveyMonkey Version 1 (December 2003 to December 2006)

  • Easier way to create/modify surveys and share immediate feedback
  • A few questions were revised or updated
  • Response scale was revised to a six-point scale (“Very Poor” to “Excellent”)
  • A paper version was added in 2004 to reach students living in remote areas without access to computers (see sample survey)
  • GE assessment questions were added in 2006
  • Results were shared with all departments using online survey report links for each graduation cohort

First On-line Version (Sept. 2001 to June 2003)

  • Generally used the same questions as the paper version but in an online format
  • Students typed their own responses
  • Required hard code programming on the University’s website (took a great deal of time and energy to develop and implement)
  • Difficulty changing questions or distributing information to departments
  • PacPair presentation of survey in May 2002 (compared on-line vs. paper survey results)

Revised Version (Jan. to Aug., 2001)

  • Scan-able
  • Used to Benchmark satisfaction with University services
  • Aligned to University mission
  • BYU IR office (Provo) provided reports and statistical analysis of the data (see July 2001 report)

First GSS Version (1999-2000)

  • Created first survey with assistance of the IR office
  • Printed on a scan-able form using Testing Center scanners to create the data file for analysis
  • Questions focused on retention
  • Flexible 7-pt. Scale (“Very Low” to “Very High”)

Essay (1999 and prior years)

  • Graded by English Faculty
  • Students self-select one of seven essays
  • In 1999, the Reading/Writing Center was asked by the IR office to summarize essay comments and to provide student feedback on programs and the University as a whole (This was a very difficult task to do with open-ended essays questions not initially designed for this purpose)