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BYU–Hawaii Alumni Questionnaire (AQ)

About the Survey

Currently, there are about 30 questions in this online survey which focuses on alumni providing feedback about their BYU–Hawaii experience. Questions include topics such as employment and return-ability, further education, participation in campus activities, the influence of their experience on various aspects of their life, and their overall evaluation of their educational experience at BYU–Hawaii. There are also several demographic questions included and three open-ended questions describing the most significant ways their experiences at BYU–Hawaii benefited them, their interactions with faculty members, and how BYU–Hawaii could improve the experience students have on campus.

A link to the survey is emailed by the University’s president to graduates who have completed their degree about three to four years previously. This project is accomplished in collaboration with the BYU Office of Planning and Assessment.

Initially, an alumni survey was developed in 1998 by the Director of Institutional Research (IR). Since 2001, BYU Hawaii IR staff has created several locally developed surveys, and worked in collaboration with colleagues at BYU to administer the current form of the alumni questionnaire. At first, BYU–Hawaii graduates were simply included in the Provo-developed survey, and later results were reported separately. Eventually, BYU–Hawaii was able to develop some of their own questions to include in the survey, and surveys are now administered separately.

Alumni Questionnaire History