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Completed Student Research Projects

Winter 2012


CamTESOL Conference, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Mentor: Earl Wyman

Student: Daniel Robertshaw
Proposal: Teaching Reading Fluency

Student: Hannah Hubner
Proposal: Expanding TESOL Through the Internet


Midwest Political Science Association's Conference- Chicago, IL.
Mentor: Rand Blimes

Student: Rachel Ouellet
Proposal: Like a Good Neighbor

Student: Emily Amadori-Alberoni
Proposal: Social Media and Revolution

Student: Philip Graef
Proposal: Following the Butter: The Effect of Public Goods Provision on Immigration to OECD Countries

Student: Austin Facer
Proposal: Girls Just Want to be Smart; A Quantitative Study of Gender Educational Equality

Student: Dylan Mcmurtry
Proposal: Foreign Aid

Student: Kyle Poulter
Proposal: It Pays to Play


National Undergraduate Literature Conference, Ogden, UT
Mentor: Ned Williams{C}

Student: Roberto Sebatial Leon
Proposal: Beyond Culture: The Formation of Identity in Maxine Hong Kingston's The Woman Warrior and "A Battle of Wits: Comparing Brutus and Antony's Speeches in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar"

Student: Bailey Loveless
Proposal: In Jealous Rage: Tyrants in The Winter's Tale

Student: Michael Hamberg
Proposal: Misunderstanding One's Own Heritage: Dee's Abandonment and Misunderstanding of Her Heritage in "Everyday Use"

Summer 2012


Association for Psychological Science's, Chicago, IL
Mentor: Ron Miller

Students: Izak Rock, Emika Sawada, Alexa Tuita, Lisa Thompson, Jessica Selfaison, Kayla Suhrie, Thomas Curtis, Zach Dupaix, Sunny Griffin, Nathan Haws, Taylor Smart


Festival of Pacific Arts, Solomon Islands
Mentor: Phillip McArthur

Student: Matt Giles


Association for Institutional Research, New Orleans, LA
Mentor: Bill Neal

Students: Sela Unga, Zachary Carling

Winter 2011


2011 Midwest Political Science Association's Conference- Chicago, IL
Mentor: Rand Blimes

Students: Sin Wan Alice Yiu, Clark Cahoon
Proposal: Running with the Big Dogs: How Small States Gain Influence and Maintain Autonomy While Interacting with Strong States

Student: Philip Catudal
Proposal: Sunshine, Lollipops and International Institutions

Student: Rachel Oullet
Proposal: Multkulti of Personality: How Political Entrepreneurs and Social Identities respond to immigration and Affect State Fragility

Student: Samantha Thee
Proposal: Democratic Transitions

Student: Dylan McMurty{C}
Proposal: More Bang for your Buck? How War Affects Leaders' Approval Ratings

Student: Dylan McMurty
Proposal: Leader Age and Conflict: How Age Affects the Choice to Go to War

Student: Takashi Ushljima
Proposal: Hierarchy in East Asia