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Summary of Student Success Workshops

Student Success Workshops

Online training about Career exploration, How to learn, Reading & Writing strategies, Personal management, and Online learning.

Your viewing time is RECORDED, when you complete the review at the end of each video segment. This information is tabulated and sent by the Video Company to the BYUH Joseph Smith Library at the end of each month (You do NOT have to print the certificate). When you've watched/logged in & completed at least one hour of the Student Success Workshops, you will be emailed, invited to visit and pick up a treat from the CENTER for ACADEMIC SUCCESS (CAS). You will find CAS in the JFS Library RM #134.

Academic and Career Exploration

Maximizing Your College Education30 minInsights and skills to create your identity as a student.Self Improvement Skills.
What It Takes To Be A Successful Student25 minPersonality and behaviors that contribute to a healthy campus and social life.Stress management; positive mindset.
Exploring Careers & Choosing A Major25 minAdvice that will help you to recognize your skills and interests when you choose a major, find an internship, and get a job.Find your personality; choose your major.
Mastering The Job Interview20 minHelpful tips and ideas for a successful interview.Confidence in interviews.
Writing Effective Resumes & Cover Letters15 minTechnique and skills to fine-tune your resume and coverResume building and cover letter skills.

Learning to Learn

Discover Your Learning Style20 minFinding your learning style and the study strategies that are best for you.Study strategy tips; how to retain information.
Study Tips & Note-Taking Strategies30 minNote-taking techniques to help you retain information and rise your exam scores by a letter grade.Note-taking techniques = improved test preparation.
How To Reduce Test Anxiety27 minThe causes, nature, and techniques to reduce anxiety during test-taking.Anxiety reduction tips; understanding anxiety.
Learning Strategies Every Student Should Know21 minMetacognition is "knowing about knowing." This video teaches Bloom's taxonomy of learning.Increase your level of understanding.
Exam Preparation Tips & Test-Taking Strategies20 minHow to succeed before, during, and after exams.Great tips on exam preparation.

Online Learning

10 Tips For Success In Your Online Course20 min
Effectively Communicating Online18 minLearn online-communication techniques; between peers and teachers through video and comment posts.How to post responses & critique a classmate's work.
Online Courses: Staying Motivated & Disciplined14 minPlan for the unexpected. Divide big tasks into smaller tasks. Give yourself rewards.Good advice even for classroom courses.
Taking Tests Online: Strategies For Success12 minTen tips for online test-taking that will improve test scores.Good advice for any test-taking.

Reading and Writing Strategies

Pre-Writing Techniques: Planning & Idea Development18 minA writing process that helps students generate ideas about what to write about.How to start research papers.
Effectively Communicating OnlineStep by step tutorial to create a powerful thesis statement.This process will work for you.
Drafting Introductions, Body Paragraphs & Conclusions29 minStep by step instructions on how to create introductions, body paragraphs & a conclusion.Do papers by sections; pause, watch video & write, ect
The Revision Process: How To Proofread & Edit Your Writing13 minListen to instructions: pause video, read & correct; listen to video, pause video, read & correct ectExcellent proofreading and editing advice.
Reading Comprehension Strategies15 minLearn reading strategies through exercises and examples. Tips to develop to improve reading skills.Excellent reading strategies to improve reading skills.

Personal Management

Time Management: Strategies For Success 30 min Strategies for time management.Using your time wisely.
Overcoming Procrastination: Causes & Cures 30 min Understand the causes of procrastination and how to overcome it.Overcome procrastination.
Financial Literacy: Smart Money Skills For College & Beyond20 minStrategies on spending, building credit, and financial goal setting are all included.Mastering personal financial plans.
Stress Management Techniques24 minWhat stress is and how to overcome stress.Ideas for dealing with stress.
Navigating The Financial Aid Process22 min10 steps for financial aid - for USA students only
Knowing how to plan for, obtain, and repay financial aid.
Improving Student-Faculty Relationships23 min1. How to contact your instructors. 2. How students show their enthusiasm. 3. Student manners when dealing with instructors.Build good relationships with instructors and classmates.