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Curriculum Changes

Levels of Approval Needed

Curriculum At-A-Glance

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# Type of Change UCC - Full EZ Form Needs Syllabus Needs Outcome Matrix + Assessment Data DC PC Board Report to WSCUC
1 New Course (*Zero Growth) x x x x
2 Change Course Number x x
3 Make active course inactive x x
4 Make inactive course active x x
5 390R Special Topics/Sections x + reviewed by two UCC members not from submitting program's faculty x x
6 RS: Increase/Decrease Course or Core/Elective Total Credit Hours x x x
7 RS: Remove course from Core/Elective pool** x x x
8 RS: Add course to Core x x x
9 RS: Add course to Elective section x x
10 RS: Sequencing modifications x x
11 RS: Change Grading Rules (e.g. B- or better) x x x
12 New course requiring course fee x + Course Fee Form x x x
13 Increase/Decrease/Remove course fees for existing courses x + Course Fee Form x x (increase)
14 New Major/ Reactivate (*Zero Growth) x x x x x x
15 New Minor/Certificate/ Reactivate x x x x x x
16 New Emphasis/Concentration (*Zero Growth) x x x
17 Change Certificate to Minor (vice versa) x x x
18 Change Course Info (Title, catalog entry, decrease prerequisites, add corequisite, equivalency, frequency, grading method, change of administrative responsibility, PLO's, CLO's) x x (title and catalog description changes) x
19 Increase prerequisites x x x
20 Change title of programs/concentration/emphasis x x x x
21 Deactivate Major x x x x x x
22 Deactivate Minor/Certificate x x x x x x
23 Change Modular Curriculum Category x x
24 Non degree programs that are academic credit bearing x x

Revised 10-15-21

*Zero Growth: If you are adding something new, you must remove/deactivate a major/emphasis/track/pathway/course. Refer to Section 2B.

**Exception: Addendums on EZ forms will be accepted to remove deactivated courses that were previously approved on a full proposal as long there are at least four other courses remaining in the elective pool and the required credit hour amount is not affected.

Note: Effective June 1, 2021 - Evidence of data on student learning explaining why this curriculum change is needed using data on student learning outcomes. (Include impacted student learning outcomes for the course/program). Add to the full proposal/EZ form an updated curriculum outcomes matrix.

Timeline for Curriculum Change Proposals

Full Proposals

  1. Submission to AAVP and Curriculum Office from November 1 to March 1.
  2. Reviewed by University Curriculum Council (UCC) on the third week of January to the end of April.
  3. Approved proposals will take effect in the fall of that year.

EZ Form

  1. Submission to AAVP and Curriculum office will be accepted from November 1 to March 1.
  2. Approved EZ forms effect dates will be fall of that year.
  3. EZ forms for 390R Special Topics will be accepted throughout the year.
    *[New October 15, 2021] For any new topics, the EZ form will need to be reviewed by 2 UCC members that are from different faculties than the submitting program.

Thank you for your efforts to look ahead. For further inquiries, please contact Curriculum at

Curriculum Change Proposal Forms

Email should you have any questions.

Curriculum Change Proposals Database

UCC Version

New Version

This database begins with the proposals from 2009 and continues to the present.

If you need to find a proposal that is not listed here or if you have a question or problem, feel free to email Rose Ram at