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Curriculum Database of Proposals 2019

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*Note: If you would like to see a particular proposal, please email the Curriculum office at

19-012018-12-21ApprovedDavid AnthonyDesigning Your Life
19-022019-01-22ApprovedChristopher SladePrerequisite for CS 210
19-032019-01-31ApprovedKurt JohnsonSpecial Education Certificate (mrs 1469) deactivation
19-042019-03-20ApprovedDavid BeusHUM 1OOR New Course: Exploring Humanities
19-052019-02-26ApprovedMatthew BowenREL 304 Writings of Isaiah
19-062019-03-20ApprovedCody BaldwinDeactivate FIN 375
19-072019-03-20ApprovedJeff MerrillART 119 Proposal
19-082019-03-17ApprovedYifen BeusCOMM 2019
19-092019-03-29ApprovedDavid PreeceHTM Curriculum Update (New Courses in Core and Electives)
19-102019-04-10ApprovedDavid PorterEXS - Changes to Majors and Minor
19-112019-05-13ApprovedCody Baldwin (for Ricardo Vicente)Create a New Course (FIN 370 - "Risk Management")
19-122019-03-28ApprovedJennifer LaneReligion requirements adjustment
19-132019-05-06ApprovedJess KohlertPsyc 306 additional prerequisite
19-142019-05-20ApprovedChristopher SladeSuspend Web Development Minor
19-152019-05-20ApprovedDavid PreeceHTM 270, 285 Prerequisite
19-162019-05-15ApprovedTom CourtAdd ELED 430 or SCED 430 to the TESOL BA elective pool
19-172019-04-23ApprovedCody BaldwinCreate the "Economics" concentration within the "Business
Management" major
19-182019-04-23Not ApprovedCody BaldwinChange the category for the "Economics" minor from
"Professional Studies" to "Math & Sciences"
19-192019-04-23ApprovedCody BaldwinAdjust the number of required credits in the "Human Resources
and Organizational Behavior" concentration
19-202019-04-06ApprovedCody BaldwinRemove Cancelled Communications Elective from the BUSM Marketing
19-212019-04-23ApprovedCody BaldwinAdjust the number of required credits in and change the name
of the "Operations and Supply Chain Management" concentration within the "Business
Management" major
19-222019-05-29ApprovedTom CourtRename EIL Minor as EIL Certificate
19-232019-05-31ApprovedStephen HancockEnglish Program Addition of Options & Core Requirement Update
19-242019-06-03ApprovedBrad SmithBiology Program MRS Change 2019
19-252019-06-04ApprovedGeorgi LukovEmphases in the Biochemistry program
19-262019-06-10ApprovedScott HydeAdvanced Math Electives modification & Math 441 prerequisites
19-272019-06-13ApprovedBarbara HongSpecial Education Minor
19-292019-06-17ApprovedYifen BeusArt History
19-302019-11-06ApprovedJeffrey StrainCIS Curriculum Changes