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Assessment Committee

Administrative Oversight: Rose Ram

Purpose / Focus

Encourage, support, and guide the growth of effective student learning and service area outcomes assessment practices at BYU–Hawaii.


  • Pulotu, Kathy (institutional research & assessment manager)
  • Ram, Rose (ex-officio, associate academic vice president for assessment & accreditation)
  • Falevai, Zoia (assistant professor, instructional services)
  • Whiting, Alison (director, campus life)
  • Chen, Jennifer (professor, Faculty of Business & Government)
  • Vicente, Ricardo (assistant professor, Faculty of Business & Government)
  • Nielsen, Jayna (student lead supervisor of leadership & co-curricular programming)
  • Jornacion, Charinalu (student director for Student Advisory Council)
  • Kilaparthi, Vaishali (student accountant, curriculum services)