Reviewer's Guidelines for Qualified Applicants

Reviewer's Guidelines for Qualified Applicants

Researcher preparation:

  • Does the applicant's general statement show appropriate preparation for and interest in the proposed project?

Proposal preparation:

  • Has the proposal been prepared carefully and completely?
  • Is the proposed research placed in context of the discipline being studied?
  • Does the proposal demonstrate a serious and professional approach to the endeavor?
  • Has the sponsoring faculty mentor seen and approved of the proposal?

Objectives (relationship to university mission and goals): 

  • Are the objectives of the project clearly stated?
  • Do they have a relationship to the university mission and goals (intercultural, leadership, etc.)?

Propriety and feasibility of methodology:

  • Is the proposed methodology appropriate to the project feasible in terms of undergraduate research and the proposed time frame?
  • Are the requested resources available and/or adequate to complete the project?
  • Does the Project have sufficient focus to be feasible? Tightly focused questions and research methods are preferred over vague and overly-ambitious ideas.

Project merit:

  • Will the result of the project add to the body of knowledge in its field?
  • Does the project have academic merit?
  • Does the project address a question of significance?
  • Are the project results likely to be accepted for publication or presentation?
  • If a faculty member is sponsoring multiple student proposals, does the project rank highly in the faculty member's comparative rankings?