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Political Science Quality Improvement Plan

Department/Program: Political Science
Review Date: March 2-4, 2020
Last Updated:

*Visiting Team Recommendations **Update on Actions Taken/ Current Status Completed Date
Recommendation One: Develop a stronger culture of assessment, with clearly articulated purposes, a focused plan for implementing assessment practices, a plan for data analysis and discussion, and a commitment to apply assessment learning to pedagogy and program organization.
R.1.D-We recommend an interim review before the next full review, because we feel that there is so much that the program can benefit from as they get their new assessment regime going. The program has the faculty strength to do wonderful things, and an interim review will help that process—even if that visit focuses only on new assessment strategies and outcomes.
Recommendation Two: Carefully evaluate the internship requirement and consider changing the requirement to a practicum requirement.
Recommendation Three: Evaluate certificate and minor options in the program and be nimble in regards to option adjustment.