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Pacific Island Studies Quality Improvement Plan

Program : Pacific Island Studies
Review Date :
Last Updated :

*Visiting Team Recommendations ** Update on Actions Taken/ Current Status Completed Date
Improvements that require no budget or policy    
1. Ensure that the required courses at the core of the program attempt to cover the whole region and not just Polynesia    
2. Ensure that the required readings in required courses are up-to-date and reflect current regional concerns    
3. Needs to revise its assessment processes to more accurately reflect recent program and curriculum changes, and to ensure the systematic collection of reliable data for evaluating learning outcomes for WASC and other purposes..    
4. Explore more and better ways of collaborating with the Polynesian Cultural Center for class assignments, research projects.    
Improvements that require budget or policy change    
1. Ensure that all required courses are offered regularly by suitably qualified instructors with appropriate opportunities for professional development.    
2. Consider changing program requirements to allow students to take on more than one of the identified Pathways.    
3. A second full-time faculty member based in the program to coordinate the academic program, help teach the core courses, mentor students etc.    
4. A full-time administrative assistant (possibly shared with Hawaiian Studies) to help the director with routine administrative matters including assessment and course scheduling, coordinate regular faculty meetings and outreach activities, and with special projects as necessary.    
5. Develop an electronic PAIS newsletter or blog featuring faculty and student activities and BYUH events (probably requires additional resources or work assignments)    
6. Regular on-campus distinguished speaker, seminar, or film series highlighting pressing regional issues, open to the public and made available to a wider audience via podcast or live streaming.    
Improvements that require no budget or policy change    
1. Need to work on assessing the WASC rubric program and keep up with the annual plan