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Distance Learning

Prepare for BYU–Hawaii

One of the purposes of our distance learning program is to prepare students to come to campus and succeed as on-campus students. The BYU–Hawaii Distance Learning Program may help you in the following ways:

You can take university courses before attending BYU–Hawaii. This can shorten your time at the university. You can show admissions that you are ready for BYU–Hawaii courses. Students who work hard in our distance program will work hard as on-campus students. In addition, BYU-Hawaii on-campus admissions looks favorably on students who receive high marks in our distance education program. Please note that taking BYU–Hawaii Distance Learning courses does not guarantee that you will be admitted to BYU–Hawaii.

Do my Distance Learning Courses count toward my BYU–Hawaii education?

Yes. All your distance online courses are part of your BYU–Hawaii and will count towards the completion of a degree, as major credit, university credit, or elective credit. These courses will also count toward your BYU–Hawaii GPA.