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Distance Learning

English Requirements

All BYU–Hawaii online courses are in English and all students must be proficient in English to be successful. To help students who are not proficient in English, BYU–Hawaii has a large English as an International Language (EIL) program. This program accepts students at varying English levels and gives them the language skills they need to excel in university courses.

Online English Test

If English is not your first language, you are required to complete the EIL program before taking university courses. All new students are placed at the Foundations EIL level. However, students may skip levels by completing our Online English Test. All students who score a "30" or above will skip on to another EIL level. Once you complete an EIL level you will advance onto the next EIL level. Below is a list of the EIL courses within each level and what other courses are available at each level.

English Score Available EIL Course
Intermediate I EIL
212 & 216 & 218
Intermediate II EIL
222 & 226 & 228
All university-level online courses

Advancing EIL Levels

In order to advance from one EIL level to the next, you must receive a "B" or higher in each course in that level. For example, if your are currently in Intermediate Level I and wish to advance on to Intermediate Level II, you will need to receive a "B" grade or higher in EIL 212, 216, and 218.

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