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History Quality Improvement Plan

Department/Program: History
Review Date:
Last Updated:

*Visiting Team Recommendations **Update on Actions Taken/ Current Status Completed Date
Improve ability to get information out to students and advisors about current and upcoming course offerings
  • Post this information on website and update website
  • Update university catalog information on website
The department needs to engage in on-going discussions about GE and possible changes
  • The History department as a significant contributor to the current GE needs to add its voice to any discussions of a new approach through ensuring its role in any new GE model
Support from the Instructional and Curriculum Administration
  • If any changes in the GE curriculum occur, the department needs to receive support from the Instructional and Curriculum Administration
Do more to promote the History major at BYU–Hawaii
  • Communicate benefits of taking a history course and/or pursuing a history degree
  • The department can use comments from alumni on the BYUH Facebook page
  • It is important that the department convey to the students the “life skills” a History degree can impart to them, as well as the career options and potential opportunities a History degree can offer
Redistribute allotment of FTEs
  • Consider redistributing the allotment of FTEs by reconfiguring a full 100% FTE offering to the History Department to address the needs of the History Program and to diversify its course offerings in order to attract an expanded diversity of students
Promote the major
  • Utilize existing opportunities/programs to promote the major
  • Promote opportunities to students taking History courses, such as promoting the Research Associate-ships
  • Develop a plan to promote these opportunities more regularly among students taking History courses (many of the students that the external reviewers spoke with did not know about Research Associate-ships available to them)
Explore possible internship and applied-learning research opportunities
  • Promote faculty research interests and faculty research activities that students might be interested in
  • Department can describe faculty research interests on web pages and through other promotional materials that include research activities that students might be interested in as well
Explore more opportunities for regular interaction among the department (i.e. faculty, special instructors, and students), and with other programs
  • Connecting with other programs may be a way to expand and stabilize the History Program
    • “Bundling” with other programs-Cross
    • listings-Create/modify existing courses to have theme/topic
    • based offering or interdisciplinary components
  • The program may also consider certificate programs that offer a combination of research/applied-learning options
Support staff and special instructors who provide for the History Program
  • Special Instructors are in need of office space and resources
  • Restore a 100% Administrative Assistant position in the History Department
The Administration is encouraged to have more discussions of the GE modular system
  • Recommended to have discussions on GE modular system in forums not only open to department chairs, but also to the general faculty
  • The Administration can provide some guidance on how the transition to a new GE system might unfold
More interaction with each other, students, and Administration
  • Increased interaction will help the History faculty to crystallize their vision in defining the department’s mission at BYU–Hawaii
  • The History Department can begin to articulate its goals and vision by exploring its role in the university, identifying challenges to diversify its curriculum and student base, and redefine its contributions to GE and other programs