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Kalo patch Kahualoa is part of our Malama 'Aina project which continues to bring together our students, Kupuna or elders, our partners and the community in focusing on caring for the land through the planting of taro and other native Hawaiian plants.
 Kahuaola means "foundation for life." We believe that this project allows our students to have a closer relationship with mother earth and to learn the kuleana or responsivility of taking care of the earth so that future generations will enjoy the vast resources it has to offer.  Students working in the kalo patch
 Student harvesting kalo

 "We must nurture the 'olelo or the language of our people. We must teach the spirit and the heart of the language and the culture and we must teach the true spirit of our language which is based on 'Aloha kekahi i kekahi' or 'love one another.'"

- Aunty Bella Lin Kee

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