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English Quality Improvement Plan

Program : English
Review Date : October 7-9, 2019
Last Updated :

*Visiting Team Recommendations ** Update on Actions Taken/Current Status Completed Date

Ensure that faculty hiring and curricular development over the next 5-7 years fully integrate the Creative Writing and Professional Writing minors, and give these programs equal priority with the literature major.

Seek out ways to partner with faculty in other disciplines in team-taught courses, multi-course learning communities, interdisciplinary programs, and other initiatives that creatively combine English with other fields.
Bring whatever resources can be brought to bear on collecting outcome data for majors in order to have a clear picture of what BYU-Hawaii English alumni are doing, what careers they pursue, what kinds of salaries they earn, and what other educational tracks have they pursued. The data should be both quantitative and anecdotal. Create web sites and print material that highlight both numerical data and, more importantly, stories about program alumni.

Consider adding a Professional Writing track to the English major to give students a path for studying both literature and Professional Writing.

Appoint a faculty member to coordinate with the Education Department for curricular and advising issues with English Education Majors.