Calendar Change FAQs

What will the 2017 transition year be like?
Spring 2017 will be as planned and end in early June.  Fall 2017 will begin in early September and go through mid-December.  Winter 2018 will begin in January and end in April.

If I’m graduating in Fall 2017 or Winter 2018, how does this affect me?
You should be able to stay on track to graduate.  Only the dates will be different.  Fall graduation will be Friday December 15 and Winter graduation will be Saturday April 21.

How will this affect my allotment of Semesters in Residence?
If you are graduating after Winter 2018 then you may either stay with your approved MAP or be remapped with the four-year graduation policy.

What will be the requirements for enrollment in each of the semesters?
12 credits is Full Time in Fall and Winter and 8 credits is Full Time in Spring.  Being a full-time student is enough for those on IWORK.  If you wish to be eligible for an academic scholarship you will need to be registered for 14 credits in F and W and 9 or 10 in Spring.

What will Spring tuition cost? What about my scholarship?
The tuition will be two-thirds of a full semester’s tuition. The scholarships are relative to the cost of the semester.

What about federal financial aid? 
You can receive a disbursement for two semesters a year and you may also choose to receive it for Spring semester as well.  Please contact the Financial Aid office for additional information.