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Business Management Quality Improvement Plan

Department/Program: Business Management
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*Visiting team Recommendations **Update on Actions Taken/ Current Status Completed Date
Internationalize the curriculum
Increase the international content of the program through replacing BUSM 180 with an Introduction to Business course.
Internationalize the curriculum
The federally-funded Title XI business schools offer a series of Faculty Development in International Business (FDIB) programs to impart content and pedagogy contained in BUSM tracks. Most programs also offer some modest scholarship support for those who apply early.
Content Overlap
Reduce content overlap through having faculty members review one another’s course syllabi and coordinate strategically on which concepts will be taught in the various courses and in which order they should be taught.
Content Overlap
The Chair must be given time and mandate to pursue this focus. The chair’s current teaching workload may need to be temporarily adjusted to allow investment in this endeavor.
Curriculum updates
Develop a business plan or marketing plan for itself based on in-depth market research through consulting international business leaders and participants, advisory boards, assigning student teaching assistants to gather market intelligence, and assigning research projects to students so they can network with business executives and Board members.
Increase experiential learning opportunities
Increase experiential learning through increased class discussion, case analyses, applied projects, and decision-making exercises.
Deepen curriculum—especially within the tracks
Update the curriculum within the tracks. The BUSM faculty may not have the capacity to create and present additional courses, so the faculty will have to consider ways to leverage available courses already taught.
Leveraging Courses Taught within the Major
There may be courses taught within the tracks of the BUSM department that could be beneficial to other BUSM students e.g. offering the digital marketing course that is in the Entrepreneurship program to the Marketing track.
Leveraging Courses Taught in Other Majors
It may be possible to expand the course offerings for the BUSM tracks by including courses taught by other faculty groups. Since some tracks have limited elective courses available, accepting external courses might enrich the educational opportunities for BUSM students.
The department needs to update and focus metrics used to assess student learning outcomes, conduct measurements on a regular basis (probably annually), and use these measurements to guide curriculum improvements.
The department can also support the university assessment program by providing metrics used in program assessment that can also measure institutional learning outcomes.
Faculty development
Faculty in the Business Management Department need to find time and means to remain current in their fields. With their full teaching schedules faculty cannot just work harder. They will need to be creative to carve out time to assure access to meaningful, focused faculty development pursuits.
Faculty development
Suggestions on how to free up time to allocate to development activities include increasing class sizes, including hybrid/on-line courses, using flipped classrooms, and increasing teaching assistant support.
Placement and data tracking
Explore opportunities to build relationships with potential employers throughout the target area through offering a course that explores potential placement, through improving data tracking of student placement and alumni employment, and through using the alumni survey to assess collective placement results over time.
Business Management minor
Develop a BUSM minor to enhance placement potential and skills for students and provide general education credit for them.
Business Management minor
If demand for Business Management courses expands due to a growing minor, resource allocations will likely need to follow such a shift in general education enrollments.