BYU-Hawaii RSVP and Allotment Policies

BYU-Hawaii has an academic year that starts in September and ends in June. There are 3 semesters followed by a nine-week break. Starting in Fall 2017 all new students will be allotted 4 years to pursue their undergraduate education. 

All continuing students will need to respond (RSVP) with their plans for the following semester one month before the semester ends. Simply registering is all it takes to RSVP for most students. Registration as a full-time (or internship) student in residence is required for students to be eligible for on-campus housing and student medical benefits. Registration for at least 14 credits is required for Academic scholarships in Fall and Winter. 

Students who are planning for a leave semester will need to apply, starting with working with their academic advisor to see how it fits in their graduation plans.  During any non-full time semester (leave semester, a part-time semester, an online-only semester, or an off-island internship semester) students will need to be sure that they have health insurance while they are not a full-time student if they remain in the United States.  (Please see the ISS website if you are an international student seeking to stay in the US during a leave semester.)


 Semester Options


Full Time semesters (and on-island internships) Eligible for On-Campus Housing (if available) & Student Medical Benefit included in tuition
Non full-time semestersDo not have housing or student medical benefits
    Each of these options may be part of a students undergraduate experience, but should be considered carefully so that graduation can be accomplished within the four year allotment.
  • Part Time – no campus housing or Student Medical Benefit
  • Internships off-island – ½ tuition; no campus housing or Student Medical Benefit (can self-fund SMB in US)
  • Online-only – ½ tuition; no campus housing or Student Medical Benefit
  • Leave semester – not attending during one semester, but may register for the following semester without reapplying
  • Mission leave – not registered during the mission, but may register for the semester after the mission without reapplying (will not count as part of the 4 year allotment)

How do I RSVP?

Full Time StudentSimply register for at least 12 credits (waitlisted classes don’t count) to reserve your full-time place (eligible for available campus housing and medical benefit)
InternshipsRegister - Work with Internship Coordinator & Career Services for your internship (may be eligible for campus housing and self-funded medical benefit)
Part Time StudentRegister for up to 11 credits to reserve your part-time place (no housing or SMB) International students will also need to talk with ISS and fill out form to reserve a part-time place.
Online-onlyRegister and fill out form to reserve your online-only place (no housing or SMB)
Leave semesterFill out form to apply for a leave for the following semester
Mission leaveFill out form to Reserve your place for your post-mission return [mybyuh > Student Center > Discontinuance]

 Semester Options and Benefits

Semester OptionHealth Benefit?On-campus Housing?TuitionScholarship Eligible?Student Employment?J-VisaF-Visa
FT on-campus (12 + credits FW; 8+ credits Spring; at least one F2F class*)YYregularIf get to 1419 hr/wkCompliant if below 50% online (sec. 300)Compliant if min. of 9 credits F2F* (all but sec. 300)
Reduced Course Load (RCL) for health emergencies (max 1) or last semester
YYPT rateY prorated19 hr/wkCompliantCompliant

Student Teaching and Practicum (12+ credits)

or Internship (AT-pre and CPT)

Y if 12+ credits

N if fewer than 12 credits (may pay for SMB if in US)

Y if on island

(priority when return if off-island)

½ tuition rateY prorated19 hr/wkCompliant (Intl. need SMB if in US; pay if under 12 credits)Compliant (Intl. need SMB if in US; pay if under 12 credits)
Non Full-time Options for Students:  -- available to International Students only on a "break semester" (after 2 semesters full-time (FT) on-campus, not available during the last semester)
Leave SemesterN (Intl. need third-party insurance if in the US)NnoneN/A40-40-40-19 hour weeks (FICA withheld)**OK outside US or after 2 FT w/ third-party insuranceOK outside US or after 2 FT w/ third-party insurance
PT not 100% online (below 12 credits or 8 credits in Spring; one F2F*)N (Intl. need third-party insurance if in the US)NPT rateN19 hr/wk (Domestic below 6 cr., FICA withheld)**OK outside US or after 2 FT w/ third-party insuranceOK outside US or after 2 FT w/ third-party insurance
Online-only (100% online, UGDOF)N (Intl. need third-party insurance if in the US)NDL rateN19 hr/wk (Domestic below 6 cr., FICA withheld)**OK outside US or after 2 FT w/ third-party insuranceOK outside US or after 2 FT w/ third-party insurance
AT-post and OPT (post coursework experiences)N (Intl. need third-party insurance if in the US)NnoneN/A30-30-30-19 as non-student ATAT CompliantOPT Compliant
During Summer Break (and other breaks in instruction)

Y if between two semesters

Y - if continuing

N - not continuing

noneN/A40-40-40-19 hour weeks (FICA withheld)Compliant


*Face-to-face classes (F2F) include "in person" (sec. 1, 2, 3), "hybrid" (sec. 100), "on-campus online" (sec. 200). They do not include "online-only" (sec. 300).

**By federal law, international students who stay in the US during a flexible semester may not work in the US except on-campus (BYUH or PCC).

What if I don't RSVP by the Deadline?

All continuing students need to RSVP (i.e. “respond please”) with their plans for the next semester by one month before the current semester ends. This allows other potential students to attend and helps the University know who to plan on for housing and courses offered.

If you miss the RSVP Deadline:

Your place may be given to another student. You may lose on-campus housing. 

You will have a late fee for SMB registration and you may have a hold on enrollment.

What if you haven’t paid for the current semester and have a Financial Hold?

To lower your financial hold so that you can register, you need to work with Financial Services.  One option may be to sign up for an automatic withdrawal agreement if you are working on campus or at the Polynesian Cultural Center.

If this option can’t help you meet your obligations for the current semester, then it is best to take some time off to pay off any balances owing before returning to school to prepare financially.

Options for an Off-Campus Semester: Online

If a student wishes to only take online classes in a particular semester they will not use university on-campus resources (attending face-to-face classes, living in on-campus University Housing, or recieving the Student Medical Benefit) and therefore the online-only students will be charged a lower tuition rate. Because of that lower rate, students doing an on-line only semester will not be eligible to receive scholarships.

Options for Internships

Internship Semester Option

Internships are encouraged but expected to fit within a student's 4 year graduation plan.  The only exception would be an international placed internship, which allows an extra semester to the grad plan. Internships semesters are billed at a lower tuition rate. During off-island internships students may not live on-campus or receive Student Medical Benefits.